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Christian Ney Christian Ney
  • Posted on: 2013/5/2 15:20
Valid.CanardPC Leaks #1
Interesting stuff I find while browsing

Haswell ULT Intel Core i5-4200U ES + Intel SHARKBAY :

Resized Image

1661 MHz 4x4GB + Intel Core i5-4670K Haswell ES:

Resized Image

1620 MHz:

Resized Image

MSI Z87 MPower (MS-7818) + Intel Core i5 4670K Haswell ES

Resized Image
LucaRocchi LucaRocchi
  • Posted on: 2013/5/2 15:47
Re: Valid.CanardPC Leaks #2
Good guy Nickshih

16xx on IMC is amazing
rewarder rewarder
  • Posted on: 2013/5/2 15:53
Re: Valid.CanardPC Leaks #3
I like that ULT CPU Would be interesting to see how well this thing performs.
Christian Ney Christian Ney
  • Posted on: 2013/5/2 16:21
AMD A10-5750M spotted #4
Resized Image

Not sure if this one is out yet.
We have: AMD Richland A10-5750M with Radeon HD 8650G on MSI MS-176K
Christian Ney Christian Ney
  • Posted on: 2013/5/2 16:52
nVidia GeForce GTX 780 Spotted #5
Resized Image
rewarder rewarder
  • Posted on: 2013/5/2 19:05
Re: Valid.CanardPC Leaks #6
It looks like this thread will be an awesome source for news
Christian Ney Christian Ney
  • Posted on: 2013/5/3 14:49
Radeon HD 8970 + AMD FX 8570 + Crosshair VI Extreme on the same valid #7
Resized Image
Validator Validator
  • Posted on: 2013/5/6 4:47
Re: Valid.CanardPC Leaks #8
Okay, let me state that I have too found these results. While cpu-z can be fooled by a registry edit, these results were not Photoshopped, and are indeed found on the site. Now these results were discovered by a small script I wrote and is not yet very fast, it goes through less on average 19 results second so it has huge room for improvement. Enjoy!
Link to amd 8570 :
Link to amd a10 5750m :
Link to intel i7 4770k:
Link to intel i5 4670k:
Link 2:

~Enjoy guys~
Edit: All intel links are dead
rewarder rewarder
  • Posted on: 2013/5/6 8:16
Re: Valid.CanardPC Leaks #9
Hi and welcome at ocaholic Validator.

Thanks for sharing your search results here. Maybe you have even more
LucaRocchi LucaRocchi
  • Posted on: 2013/5/6 8:50
Re: Valid.CanardPC Leaks #10
Welcome and gogogogo