Intel Core i7-4770K at 7 GHz

Thursday, 02.05.2013 
Haswell seems to go well
Posted by Marc Büchel
Since there are days in the life of journalist, especially a news journalist, he gets really bored, he starts doing things that are even more boring. When browsing the CPU-Z database, we were really surprised to find a result, which shows that Intel’s upcoming Core i7-4770K has already been overclocked to more than 7 GHz.

Taking a closer look at the screenshot reveals that exactly 7‘012.65 MHz have been reached. It’s interesting to see that the overclocker behind this score used a BCLK of 91.07 MHz. It maybe that Haswell CPUs show better scaling with lower BCLK speeds. Another thing is that this score confirms the new maximum multiplyer which has been upped from 63 to 77. Furthermore we’re quite certain, that we’ll see much higher overclockings in future, since this result has been reached with with four cores and four threads there might be quite some headroom left. Something else that is worth mentioning is, that CPU-Z is showing 2.56 Volt. Honestly we believe this is a mistake, since there were lots of bugs related the CPU-Z’s voltage reading. We would be quite surprised to see that the 22nm structures of the new Haswell CPUs are able to withstand 2.56 Volt! As a matter of fact, the same transistors can be found on Ivy Bridge processors and they start dying at 2.00 Volt.

English by Slobodan Simic and Marc Büchel - German by William Zwingenberger, Marc Büchel - French by Marine Degli Agosti - Italian by Francesco Daghini

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