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Haswell doing 3'333MHz on IMC piece of cake

Thursday, 02.05.2013 
Memory overclockers will have fun
Posted by Marc Büchel
In another CPU-Z validation we found that Haswell must have quite a decent IMC. In combination with Apacer memory modules it has been possible to reach 1‘661 MHz, which means an effective clock speed of 3‘322 Mhz.

The overclocker that actually produced this score was using an Intel Core i5-4670T CPU. The CPU itself was clocked at 3’184.64 MHz, so there’s nothing special about this. But another thing is quite surprising. Those 1’661.1 MHz have been reached with four 4 Gigabyte modules. Usually, with Ivy Bridge Processors, clock frequencies like this are achieved only with single-channel and not with all four dimms populated. A result like this really make us hope that memory overclocking might be fun again with Intel and not only with AMD.

English by Slobodan Simic and Marc Büchel - German by William Zwingenberger, Marc Büchel - French by Marine Degli Agosti - Italian by Francesco Daghini

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