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ASUS Maximus VI Formula Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 31.07.13 (98077 reads)
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With the Maximus VI Formula, ASUS actually surprised us. We really didn't expect to see an "Armor", like you get it with the Sabertooth boards, coming with an ROG board. The final product therefore has some very characteristic looks. Furthermore you get an armada of features, which should make this board appealing to overclockers, modder, enthusiasts as well obviously as gamers.

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The Maximus VI Formula is ASUS' fully fledged gaming motherboard regarding Intels latest Z87 chipset, which also comes with quite a bunch of overclocking features. On the 25 page here, we're going to show you what this board can do and what it can't.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 14 - SiSoft Sandra 2
Page 2 - Specs and Delivery Page 15 - UC Bench
Page 3 - Features Page 16 - Super Pi 1M / 32M
Page 4 - Layout Page 17 - wPrime 1024M Multi Core
Page 5 - Connectors and I/O Page 18 - Cinebench
Page 6 - BIOS Page 19 - Bioshock: Infinite
Page 7 - Test setup Page 20 - Metro Last Light
Page 8 - Preview / Gallery Page 21 - Sleeping Dogs
Page 9 - 3D Mark Page 22 - Power Consumption
Page 10 - 3D Mark 11 Page 23 - Performance Rating
Page 11 - 3D Mark Vantage  Page 24 - Price Comparison
Page 12 - PC Mark 7 Page 25 - Conclusion
Page 13 - SiSoft Sandra 1  

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/8/1 21:29  Updated: 2013/8/1 21:32
Just popping in
Joined: 08/01/2013
From: Chicago USA
Comments: 1
 Game board lower game scores
This is ASUS's Formula VI super gaming board why do you think it's near the bottom on all the games you tested?
Published: 2013/8/1 21:41  Updated: 2013/8/1 21:41
Joined: 07/05/2004
From: Zürich CH
Comments: 3173
 Re: Game board lower game scores
Honestly, I don't have a clue. I only know from ASUS, that regarding the low CPU score in 3DMark 11, this has something to do with loos memory subtimings.

It bugs me that those scores are low. I even reinstalled the test system and double checked with my cloned backup drive, but there are just no changes at all. I hope a BIOS update will bring cure. On the other hand it's quite astonishing to see, that 2D scores are very good.
Published: 2013/8/2 8:17  Updated: 2013/8/2 8:41
 awesome looks and overdeisgned features
Seems to me ASUS have spent way too much energy designing the thing rather than making sure it performs well. With this test in hand it now makes sense the board is released this late. The looks are 2nd to none and have had me waiting with the hopes that it would be worth waiting for. Now it's out and scores so poorly. So poor in fact that it makes the price ridiculous and the wait so not worth it. Even taken into consideration it's born with a waterblock and you don't have to mod it to add it into a waterloop doesn't even come close to making up for the extreme price. I'm needles to say very disappointed after reading this review.
Published: 2013/8/14 14:17  Updated: 2013/8/14 15:25
 Wish i would have seen this review
Unfortunetly i just bought this board. Researching it the first couple times didnt bring up your review of it. After seeing the gaming scores i am rather dissapointed. Just my luck
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