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GeForce GTX 780 Ti Market Overview

Published by Christian Ney on 11.02.14 (13273 reads)
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In this article we made a list of all GeForce GTX 780 Ti around sorted by manufacturers with pics, specs and prices. At the end of the article you also find an interactive overview with filtering and sorting functions to compare all cards. If you think or see that some are missing/there are mistakes, please leave a comment and we will add/fix it as soon as possible.

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nVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti
Chip GK110
Process 28 nm
Transistors 7.1 billion
GPU clock 876 MHz
GPU Boost clock 928 MHz
Memory 3'072 MB GDDR5
Memory clock 7'000 MHz
Memory interface 384 Bit
Memory bandwidth 336.0 GB/s
TMUs 240
Shader Cores 2'880
ROPs 48 ROPs
TDP 250 W
PCB Type Reference Design
PCB size long
Cooler Reference Design
MSRP $699
On manufacturer's website nVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti

Page 1 - nVidia Page 7 - Inno3D
Page 2 - ASUS Page 8 - MSI
Page 3 - EVGA Page 9 - Palit
Page 4 - Gainward Page 10 - Zotac
Page 5 - Galaxy / KFA2  
Page 6 - Gigabyte  

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