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Gamdias Hermes Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 17.02.14 (9446 reads)
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Gamidas is a new manufacturer for gaming peripherals and so far we've never had any of their products for review. Today we're having a closer look at their Hermes gaming keyboard, which features mechanical CherryMX Blue switches. Other than that there is a huge wrist rest, so overall this might be a rather comfortable input device.
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In a couple of the following pages we will try to show you the main features, as well as the drawbacks of the latest keyboard from Gamdias, the Hermes. The Hermes is a mechanical keyboard with a unique design and CherryMX Blue switches.

Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Photo Gallery / Delivery
Page 3 - Features
Page 4 - Closer Look
Page 5 - Software
Page 6 - Conclusion

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