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During Computex 2017, MSI has shown their first batch of X299 motherboards for Intel's Basin Falls platform. Meanwhile the company has unveiled their new flagship model. So far there are nine X299 motherboards from MSI but maybe the vendor is going to add even more in future.

The first PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD from Corsair

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than your usual SATA drives. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. The Neutron NX500 is the first PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD from Corsair.

Pentium G4560 is the best budget gaming CPU

According to DigiWorthy, Intel is limiting the production of their Pentium G4560 in order to increase retail pricing and improve the sales of their more expensive i3 CPUs. With the launch of Kaby Lake, Intel has brought change to their Pentium lineup which includes Hyperthreading. This means there are now Pentium CPUs with two cores and four threads available for as little as 58 Euro. Thanks to Hyperthreading, the performance of the new Intel Pentium CPUs pretty close to Intel’s Core i3 chips.

Today we have another build from for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Like every day we're showing you a very nice build or from one of our modder friends. As always we will show you the nicest pictures of the build and if possible also the specifications here in the news and the full album with all pictures can be found in our Case Mod Gallery.

The flagship model

Although it's a bit late to the party, Colorful has now announced their flagship motherboard named iGame x299 Vulcan X, which is available with two different colour schemes; white and black. Both look pretty impressive and the fact that can be bought with different color schemes will allow matching differently themed builds.

$849.99 US

EVGA has officially launched their GTX 1080 Ti HYBRID FTW3 graphics card. It comes with an all-in-one liquid cooling unit taking care of the GPU and active cooling for the VRMs. Although on paper this card only features a small factory overclock, it’s quite a bit quicker than NVIDIA's Founders Edition.

Performance improvements for FFXIV and Tekken 7

Following the launch of AMD’s ReLive 17.6.1 drivers there is already a new update available. These drivers are supposed to help increase the performance and efficiency of AMD cards and on top of that AMD has also fixed some issues related to Tekken 7 and FFXIV.

Unfinished feature

Gamers Nexus had the chance to come up with a review on the AMD Radeon Pro Vega Frontier Edition graphics card. In a rather lengthy video they described the experience with the two different modes the card offers. It looks like that the "Pro Mode" and "Gaming Mode" are identical in combination with the current drivers. The only thing that differs concerns a few options in the AMD's Radeon Settings.

Over 60% users run a NVIDIA graphics card

According to the latest Steam hardware survey, NVIDIA is still holding the crown, when it comes to graphics card market share. No less than 63 percent of the users on Steam own a system where the graphics department is powered by a GeForce graphics card. Microsoft's latest operating system is also doing good with over 50 percent of share. AMD’s share regarding CPUs remained unchanged so far.

In build 16237

A few weeks ago Microsoft has added a GPU utilization Tab to task manager in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16226. The performance tab also shows GPU utilization as well as graphics memory usage stats. This feature is quite useful if you want to know what your graphics accelerator is doing without the need of installing third party software.


Today we have another build from XciMod for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Since we don't know what there is under the hood you will not find any specification.

Here is a summary of what you missed this week! We have received many configurations via email, we thank all our fans and next week we will continue uploading new pictures. Stay tuned! If you'd like to join, send to us a message at our official facebook page: facebook

New record from sofos1990

We have covered sofos1990 breaking records in the past and apparently the Greek overclocker did it again. This time he pushed a new Intel Core i9-7900X CPU to 6.01 GHz using a Gigabyte X299 SOC Champion motherboard and liquid nitrogen cooling. The clock speed was achieved using 102 MHz BCLK and a multiplier of 59.

No need for an additional kit

EK Water Blocks has confirmed that all of their current-generation CPU blocks will work perfectly with Intel's latest Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X LGA 2066 processors. There won’t be any need for a new mounting kit or aftermarket modifications. This is a definitely good news for everybody who already owns a custom loop in combination with an Intel X99 platform.

According to Geekbench database

Although the acclaimed launch date will be somewhen during the upcoming months news leaks related to Threadripper are making it through on almost a daily basis. This time Tweaktown jumped the gun and they found some leaks in the Geekbench database. The results are pretty similar to AMD's existing Ryzen CPUs.

New video from extreme overclocker der8auer

The German overclocker Roman Hartung aka der8auer has put his hands on Intel’s X299 platform once again. According to the new video he uploaded on his Youtube channel, he shows his testing techniques to the viewers and concluded that all issues initially detected can be found only with extensive testing. During the video he goes into extensive detail but following we list you the most important points.

700 vehicles

During E3, Turn 10 Studios has released a trailer showing Forza Motorsport 7 which will be available October for Xbox One X and PC. Compared to the previous version, Turn 10 Studios has improved various aspects, such as the dynamic weather, dynamic puddles and customized player characters. Furthermore it should be compatible with VR off the bat.

Cables hidden inside the monitor stand

AOC has expanded its monitor lineup with two new models featuring a 24-inch and a 27-inch panel. Both monitors are based on 1920 x 1080 (FullHD) resolution, 8-bit color support and an IPS panel. Furthermore both displays come with a feature that allows you to tuck the cables away inside the monitor stand.

Compatible with E-ATX motherboards

A few months ago Lian Li has unveiled a new case which is considered a hybrid between a test bench and an actual case. The PC-T70 is designed to combine both worlds when it comes to testing PC hardware. It can be used as a fully open test bench as well as closed, which should provide results that are closer to what’s experienced in the real world.


In our hardware roundup we post all reviews from the hardware sites around the globe we can find. Apparently we wish you a lot of fun browsing the lists and we hope you're going to enjoy those reviews.
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