Designed for workstations

ASUS has revealed the full specifications of its WS C246 Pro and WS C246 M-Pro motherboards. These models belong to the high-end series and they are designed for Xeon E-2100 processors. Both models come with a lot of features.

With up to 6.4Gbps transfer speed

Samsung has announced the first 8 gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM chip, raising data rates up to 6.4Gbps-per-pin. The mass production is still rather far away, but this new chip should improve artificial intelligence technology in smartphones in a couple of years.

With 3840 x 1200 resolution

Samsung has unveiled a new ultrawide format in the market with the upcoming C43J89. The monitor is based on a rather unusual 3840 x 1200 resolution and a massive 1800R curved display. With the C43J89, Samsung offers a 32:10 aspect ratio gaming monitor which acts like two 1920x1200 monitors side-by-side.

In collaboration with Seasonic

NZXT is mostly famous for its unique cases and during last months the company has introduced different products as well, like the first NZXT Z370 motherboard. It looks like that the company is ready to re-enter into PSU market.

Better than NVIDIA

For many years, we have heard stories about AMD graphics drivers. AMD was criticised for its driver support with the Radeon Technologies Group software. With Adrenalin and Crimson drivers, AMD has fixed several bugs and now the company is offering a very good support. A few months ago, AMD commissioned QA Consultants to conduct an independent evaluation of stability of the latest graphics drivers from both AMD and NVIDIA.

Available at $89 USD

If you are looking for a mid-tower case which is compatible with high-end graphics cards, ATX motherboards as well as extensive watercooling setup, Corsair's SPEC-06 RGB enclosure might be just what you've been looking for.

Inside upcoming XPS 13 ultrabooks

It looks like that a refreshed Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is on the way. The company has shown a convertible with both 7th Gen Intel Y-series processors and 8th Gen Intel Y-series "Amber Lake" CPUs. Intel has announced these CPUs during Computex 2018 however at the moment there isn't any technical details.

With Freesync

AOC already has a vast portfolio of displays and with the Q3279VWFD8 the vendor is launching yet another model. Therefore the 32 inch panel supports 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution at 75Hz, which makes this particular display relevant for mainstream or entry-level PCs.

Based on Coffee Lake

Intel has released a new series of Coffee Lake CPUs for professionals. With the Xeon E processor family, the company adds ten CPUs with up to six cores and twelve threads and with or without IGP.

Offering Focus Plus PSU as prize

Seasonic is running a giveaway offering up a Focus Plus 750W Gold power supply. In order to win, Seasonic is looking for the best picture with Seasonic gear and a reference to the Summer season. In other words you might create a small slogan or take a picture on the beach with Seasonic logo. The only limit is your immagination.

Four budget-friendly motherboards

During this month AMD should release the budget-oriented B450 chipset. On this occasion, Gigabyte has updated its website adding four upcoming models. The B450 Aorus Pro and WiFi, B450 Aorus M and B450M DS3H are coming to the market.

It comes with a quick SSD

On Thursday last week Apple announced their updated and upgraded 2018 MacBook Pro line. Meanwhile the guys over at Laptop Mag had a closer look at it comparing it to a few other 13-inch models. The $2499 US MacBook Pro 2018 ships with an 8th gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 and a 512GB SSD.

The most promising in six years

It feels like an eternity we’ve last read the lines that PC sales are facing an upwards trend. In fact, year over year growth in Q2 2018 has been the strongest since Q1 2012. IDC claims a 2.7 percent growth rate over the period mentioned, which might be proof that the PC market is not yielding to phones and tablets. Market research firm Gartner is actually a little more cautious mentioning year-over-year growth of 1.4 percent.

Finally we are moving again

Good news folks, good news indeed; different motherboard vendors have released new Beta BIOS versions almost simultaneously. The updated microcode contains support for possibly upcoming octa-core processors, which Intel might soon introduce to the desktop market.

Compatible with LGA 3647 socket

EKWB announced the Annihilator EX/EP water block for the Intel LGA 3647 socket. Since the block is designed for server rigs, it features top and side inlets in order to be compatible with regular and 1U-blade chassis.

We are not kidding!

It’s not a particularly hardware related piece of news nonetheless we deem it notable, not so say memorable, that Microsoft have assigned resources to revamp their humble notepad. We're rather confident that every single one of our readers has its fair share of experience with this rather dull yet effective piece of software.

That took quite some time to happen

Most notebook vendors have announced their updated notebooks, which are based around Intels 8th generation Core processors quite a while ago, yet Apple, as always, decided to take its time. To a certain extent this makes/made sense since the availability of the new platform was sparse - to say the least.

Such a good feature

The first thing that actually came to my mind when reading the headline from Corsair actually was whether “Zero RPM” is going to be the new “RGB”. Maybe not entirely but it does have a catchy ring to it and Corsair is not the first company market a product with this term.

Yes, it is July - already

AMD has yet released the next iteration of their Adrenalin software package aka drivers. Meanwhile the versioning is at 18.7.1 and some rather beefy - 28 percent - performance improvement for “Earthfall” has been realized in combination with Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics cards.

GPU sales going down significantly

Based on financial data from Gigabyte, Tul PowerColor as well as rumors that NVIDIA might be sitting on a rather large pile of GPUs, have put together an interesting theory. It appears likely that the GPU vendors shiny financial reports from the past months were the result of the mining boom.
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