With Kaby Lake-G CPUs

The last iteration of the ultra-thin XPS notebook from Dell has been released about a year ago, while there has been a refresh on a yearly basis. According to the latest informations, the new Dell XPS 15 features Kaby Lake-G CPUs with Radeon RX Vega M graphics.

Solid design

Thanks to yet another leak on Videocardz, there are more details on upcoming MSI B360 motherboards. This time we will have a look to the B360I Gaming Pro Carbon AC which looks a bit different to the Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC. According to latest rumors, Intel is planning to release their new Coffee Lake chipsets during the next few weeks.

Four graphics cards

A few weeks ago, we posted some rumors about the first ASRock series of graphics cards and today the company has announced four models. The cards are all based on GPUs from AMD's Radeon RX 500 series.

Very clean looking

Thermaltake has announced the Versa H26 case, which offers support for ATX motherboards and two 360mm radiators. The Versa H26 is a mid-tower chassis that's been made from SPCC and ABS plastic. Although there is a well-thought internal layout and huge tempered glass side panel, the Thermaltake Versa H26 comes at an attractive €55 price tag.

Now with 240mm radiator

Enermax has announced the expansion of its Liqfusion series with a flagship model. With the Liqfusion 240 AIO, Enermax adds a 240mm AIO to the lineup. According to the company, the upcoming Liqfusion series should deliver pretty solid performance.

With 16GB capacity

You like extreme performance memory modules? In this case you'll be happy to know that there are new memory kits from G.Skill. The company has added a ridiculously fast DDR4-5000 CL21-26-26-46 memory kit with a total capacity of 16GB (2x8 GB). The TridentZ DDR4-5000MHz 16GB retail kits are aimed at high-end X299 and Z370 motherboards.

Based on a IPS panel

Yes you have read that right, Iiyama have finally released one of the best monitors in the high pixel density races. With the XB2779QQS, Iiyama has added a 27-inch panel with 5120 x 2880 resolution to its lineup. This display is listed at 799 Euro in Europe.

Still rather hard to do

During the course of the cryptocurrency hype, graphics cards makers have tried to find different strategies in order to contrast the shortage issue. NVIDIA has tried to make some effort towards this, selling some of its stock in the UK but it looks like that the green team is still far away to meet the demand.

Right after AMD announcment

NVIDIA's released its latest GeForce graphics drivers named 391.35. The new drivers are Game Ready for Far Cry 5. It also improves performance on GRIP and WRC 7 with a selected number of graphics cards.

Featuring RGB fans

If you are looking for a mid-tower case which is compatible with high-end graphics cards, ATX motherboard as well as extensive watercooling setup, Lian Li's Alpha 550 enclosure might be just what you've been looking for. The company has finally released a new case which is compatible with any kind of hardware as well as extensive custom water cooling setups.

Available in beta

Corsair has unveiled a new unifying driver software for all its products. With the iCUE software, Corsair combines programming for RGB, cooling, and peripherals into one software. At the moment the iCUE Unified is available in beta version only.

For gaming enthusiast

A few days ago, we have published a news about an upcoming ASUS X470 motherboard. The picture was showing part of the layout of an alleged STRIX X470 motherboard. Last night, our friend over at Videocardz have posted another picture about the same motherboard.

With membranical switches

Most of the gaming keyboards around sport membrane or mechanical key switches, however Roccat has created the first "membranical" gaming keyboard. According to the company, the Horde Aimo membranical offers the best aspects of both switch types.

During Open Compute Project Summit

Intel has shown their upcoming enterprise Optane SSD with M.2 form factor, planned to be called Optane SSD DC P4801X. At the moment the Optane family includes the flagship Optane SSD DC P4800X, the consumer Optane SSD 900P, and the consumer Optane Memory and Optane SSD 800P M.2 drives.

Available today

Although March is almost over, AMD has release another Radeon driver update. Radeon Software version 18.3.4 brings official support for Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 (launching today) along with a couple of bug fixes.

Featuring 144Hz refresh rate

ASUS has expanded its monitor lineup with another model that comes with a 24-inch TN panel with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Furthermore the monitor has adaptive-sync/Freesync technology on board. According to ASUS, the VG258Q monitor is supposed to be used in gaming environment.

With RGB controller

At CES 2018, Cooler Master presented several new mid-tower cases in order to expand their lineup. Almost a three months later, the manufacturer is going to launch a new model which goes by the name MasterBox TD500L. It looks like this case has received a rather aggressive design, with edgy shape as well as a modern interior layout.

Very clean looking

Antec has announced the P6 case, which offers support for micro-ATX motherboards and up to two 280mm radiators. The P6 is a mid-tower chassis that's been made from steel, ABS plastic and aluminum. Although there is a well-thought internal layout and a very reasonable number of features, the Antec P6 comes at an attractive €60 price tag.

Cartel Fraud

The European Commission has delivered another fine to tech companies and in this case we are talking about capacitor companies. According to the Commision, several Japanese capacitor manufacturers have created a cartel association and price manipulation between the 1998 and 2012. The European Commission has issued a total of €254 million fine.

Cryptocurrency mining effect

MSI tips its hat to the DIY crypto-currency mining hardware craze introducing the H310-F PRO Expert motherboard. This ATX form-factor motherboard comes with a twelve PCI-Express 3.0 x1 slots and one PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot.
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