Intel Kaby Lake Pentiums with Hyperthreading

Two cores and four threads

With the launch of Kaby Lake Intel has brought change to their Pentium lineup as well. These chips will now for the first time support Hyperthreading. This means there are now Pentium CPUs with two cores and four threads available for as little as 75 Euro.

Thanks to Hyperthreading, the performance level of the new Intel Pentium CPUs is much closer to Intel Core i3 chips. One of the main difference between these two CPU series is the lack of the AVX2 instruction on the Pentium chips, which helps significantly in the case of video editing and transcoding. Apart from that the Core i3 processors come with a more powerful iGPU and higher clock frequencies.

Below you can find all the main differences between this models:
ModelCore / ThreadFrequencyiGPUTDPPrice
Pentium G4560 2 / 4 3.5 GHz Intel HD 610 54 W
Pentium G4560T 2 / 4 2.9 GHz Intel HD 610 35 W
Pentium G4600 2 / 4 3.6 GHz Intel HD 630 51 W
Pentium G4600T 2 / 4 3.0 GHz Intel HD 630 35 W
Core i3-7100 2 / 4 3.9 GHz Intel HD 630 51 W
Core i3-7100T 2 / 4 3.4 GHz Intel HD 630 35 W

Source: Intel

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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