ASUS unveils cryptocurrency mining graphics card

Based on P106-100 chip

These days, Bitcoin is experiencing another hype as currently the price for 1BTC skyrocketed to a whopping $2'460 US. That means the value of one Bitcoin tripled within just a few weeks. As it always is with Bitcoin mining a big hype kicks in when the exchange rate explodes - as it just did. A few weeks ago we have seen rumors about upcoming mining GPUs and maybe rather sooner than later NVIDIA is going to introduce something that is geared towards that purpose.

ASUS is preparing a new cryptocurrency card for miners. The card is named Mining-P106-6G and it's based on NVIDIA’s P106-100 GPU. The card uses the same cooler that we can find on the ASUS Expedition series of graphics cards. This particular heat sink comes with a dense aluminum fin stack, several heatpipes and two 80mm fans. The plastic shroud has been painted black with red accents. At the moment it’s still unclear which kind of PCB ASUS will use on this model, but according to the latest rumors the manufacturer might use a custom PCB.

In order to keep the price as well as the power consumption low, ASUS has removed all the input/output display connectors. Checking the specs we see that the ASUS Mining-P106-6G works at 1506MHz/1708MHz Core/Boost clocks, while the EX-GTX1060-O6G works at 1594MHz/1809MHz Core/Boost frequencies. According to the specifications, it looks like the Mining-P106-6G comes with a lower frequency, which might have a positive effect on overall stability. So far ASUS has not revealed details on pricing and availability on their Mining-P106-6G but we are sure we will get to know more during upcoming weeks.

Source: Videocardz

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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