CaseLabs unveils SMA8-X Extreme Edition

Compatible with up to three 560mm radiators

CaseLabs is preparing to release another massive case. The american chassis manufacturer is working on a case that will bring cooling capacity to another league. The SMA8-X Extreme Edition comes with a modern looking and apart from that compatible with huge water cooling gear and high-end hardware.

The SMA8-X Extreme Edition measures 286 x 851 x 675mm and classifies as a super big-tower. In other words this case could be as tall as your desk. The exterior design is very sleek and elegant. The chassis is made from aluminum and it's still unclear if there will be tempered glass panels. Like several others CaseLabs cases, the SMA8-X Extreme Edition comes with Flex-Bay modular drive bay system and its interchangeable accessory system.

CaseLabs didn't release the specification sheet for the SMA8-X Extreme Edition yet, but we expect to see a long list of features in this massive case. According to the pictures, the SMA8-X Extreme Edition is compatible with E-ATX and SSI-EEB/SSI-CEB motherboard. Inside the case there is enough space for 18 HDDs, in other words you could use this case for both gaming and storage purposes.

Cooling wise, the upcoming SMA8-X Extreme Edition can hold three monster radiators (560mm) inside its interior. One of them can be installed in the lower chamber, while the other two in the upper area. CaseLabs didn't share an exact release date for the SMA8-X Extreme Edition chassis, but it should be available at the end of March. The company didn't announce the price for the case, however we expect to see a price above $600 USD.

Source: CaseLabs

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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