A closer look at Intel's 28 core 5GHz system

Cooled down with a water chiller

During Intel's Computex 2018 keynote the company presented an almost unbelievable product demo. The monstrous PC was accomodating inside an Intel 28 core 56 thread HEDT processor running at 5GHz on all processing cores. Finally, we have some more details on this processor and also the cooling setup, which was everything but common.

The Intel's demo was running with a Hailea HC-1000B water chiller, which is necessary to keep the 28 core CPU on reasonable temperatures. The CPU was sitting on a Gigabyte motherboard which was entirely insulated to protect the system from condensation. This also confirms that the PC wasn't being cooled using fluid at above ambient temperatures. The monstrous 28 core 5GHz system required an equally crazy cooling system.

The motherboard sports an Intel LGA3647 socket which confirms that Intel's 28 core processor uses the same silicon as the upcoming 28 core Xeon processor. In other words, Intel has to release another consumer motherboard chipset in order to introduce this insane CPU to the market. Furthermore on the motherboard there are several power phases and power connectors.

On following you can find some pictures on this incredible system.

  • Intel Demo
  • Intel Demo
  • Intel Demo
  • Intel Demo

Source: Anandtech

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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