With 5K resolution

According to TFT Central, Samsung is working on a new ultra wide display. The monitor is based on a rather unusual 5120 x 1440 resolution and a massive 1800R curved display. Furthermore the display might support AMD FreeSync 2 which allows the panel to communicate with your PC sharing colour space information, brightness values apart from the variable refresh rate information.

Featuring 970 PRO and 970 EVO

Samsung has launched its new 970 PRO and EVO M.2 NVMe SSDs. The South Korean electronics giant claims that these upcoming high-performance storage units are perfect for tech enthusiasts and professionals. Compared to the previous generation, they can deliver up to 30 per cent more sequential write speeds.

Featuring 970 PRO and 970 EVO

Samsung has launched its new 970 PRO and EVO M.2 NVMe SSDs. The South Korean electronics giant claims that these upcoming high-performance storage units are perfect for tech enthusiasts and professionals. Compared to the previous generation, they can deliver up to 30 per cent more sequential write speeds.

Impressive capacity

Samsung has announced the release of the PM883 8TB, its highest-density datacenter SATA drive. With the PM883 SSD, Samsung is the first company to pair LPDDR4 DRAM (16GB) modules with SATA interface. Furthermore the drive is SATA 3.3-compliant, in other words it allows power management in individual SSD units.

Second memory chip line in South Korea

During the last year, the tech world has been suffering from a shortage in memory chip manufacturing. This has led to huge price hikes in RAM and even SSDs. In addition we have seen several high-end smartphones that required samsung memory chips. This situation has been pretty bad for DIY system builders since it was pretty hard find components at reasonable prices.

1.5GB RAM cache

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than your usual SATA drive. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. Samsung today announced the SZ985 800GB Z-SSD, targeted at enterprises and data-centers with high bandwidth demands. The drives come in the half-height add-on card form-factor and it's using a PCI-Express 3.0 x4 host interface.

Up to 4TB capacity

Samsung has shown their 860 EVO SSDs series, which are based on 3D-VNAND Flash memory. The 860 EVO drives are available with 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacity. The drive will be available in three form factors: 7 mm-thick 2.5-inch, M.2-2280 and mSATA.

First company to produce GDDR6 memory chips

Samsung is the first company ready to produce GDDR6 memory chips on large scale. The company has beaten SK Hynix and Micron, the other two big memory manufacturers. Samsung's 16Gb (2GB) chips are fabricated on a 10nm process and run at 1.35V.

Aiming supercomputing and graphics cards

Samsung has started production of its second generation HBM2 named Aquabolt. The new High Bandwidth Memory is the first to deliver 2.4 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) data transfer speed per pin. This chips are aimed at the supercomputing and the graphics card market. According to Samsung this chips are more than 9 times faster than GDDR5 chips.

With Thunderbolt 3

Ahead of the CES 2018, Samsung has unveiled the first monitor with Intel Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. The new Samsung CJ791 is a 34-inch curved screen model, featuring the Intel 40Gbps USB Type-C interface which can be used for both video signal and power delivery.

Power usage reduced by 15%

If you have built a PC lately, you will probably know that if you want fast memory modules you have to use Samsung based RAM. According the latest rumors, the company's memory might get even faster pretty soon. Samsung has just announced that it's moving into second generation of 10nm DDR4 DRAM memory.

Compatible with DisplayHDR 600 standard

A few days ago, Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) was rolling out DisplayHDR standards. VESA with the DisplayHDR introduces three new standards: DisplayHDR 400, DisplayHDR 600 and DisplayHDR 1000. Having received DisplayHDR certification, it looks like that the CHG90 can achieve the luminescence, black levels and colour accuracy needed to hit the demanding DisplayHDR 600 standard.

Second generation 10nm FinFET process

Samsung has begun preparing itself for the incoming wave of 10nm chips. The company has announced that its Foundries have started mass production of system-on-chip (SoC) products built using Samsung's second generation 10nm FinFET process. According to the electronics manufacturer, the 10LPP allows for 10% higher performance or 15% lower power consumption compared to 10 LPE.

With GDDR6 memory and next-gen SSD

A group of judges have been going over some upcoming products giving out Design and Innovation awards. Samsung managed to receive up 36 of them, two of them are of particular interest to PC enthusiasts. The first is Samsung's new high-speed GDDR6 memory and the second regards a "next-generation form-factor" SSD.

Entry-level SSD

Last week we wrote about the upcoming Samsung PM981 / 980 NVMe SSDs with a first look at the drive in 512GB and 1TB capacity sizes. While the PM 98x series should belong to the high-end market, the upcoming PM971 series should be more for entry-level market. The PM971 NVMe SSD should be the new Samsung 970 SSD.

Successor of the 850 EVO

According to a new report from the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO), Samsung is apparently releasing new SSD drives. The upcoming Samsung 860 EVO will be the successor to the 850 EVO which has been on the market for almost three years now.

Successors of the 960 series

Samsung is working on a new generation of consumer SSDs. According to the UNH InterOperability Laboratory list, Samsung is developing two new SSDs called "NVMe 97x and 98x" series. Furthermore, Samsung will change their EVO/Pro naming scheme due to a new design of the SSDs.

Business oriented

During IFA 2017, Samsung has unveiled three business oriented displays: the 34-inch C34H89, the 27-inch C27H80, and the SH85, available with 27-inch and 24-inch panel. They all feature a very well-built frame, which allows for pan, tilt, swivel and height adjustment. Furthermore the panel is borderless and the overall design is quite sleek and elegant.

Slightly smaller than the predecessor

Samsung has introduced the next iteration of their portable SSDs. The new Samsung Portable SSD T5 drives features the latest 64-layer V-NAND flash memory and the company claims to provide "industry-leading transfer speeds with encrypted data security". The transfers speeds are supposed to reach up to 540MB/s and the drives connects to your computer via a USB Type-C interface.

With 1080p resolution and 1800R curvature

Samsung has expanded its curved gaming monitor lineup once again. Like the previous model, the CFG73 features 144Hz refresh rate and is therefore perfect for first person shooter games. For better color reproduction the panel features Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Dot technology.
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