ASUS Maximus VI Hero Preview

Published by Marc Büchel on 04.06.13
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With the Hero ASUS expands their high-end gaming line - Maximus VI line-up - by another model, which has gamers and enthusiasts in the crosshair which don't want to spend too much money for decent hardware. This board, which is obviously based on the Z87 chipset, comes with ASUS ROG color scheme and it also comes with a set of interesting features.

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The Maximus VI Hero is ASUS' entry-level overclocking motherboard regarding Intels latest Z87 chipset. Therefore we're really curious what they've come up with from the layout and design as well as feature perspective.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 4 - Layout
Page 2 - Specs and Delivery Page 5 - Connectors and I/O
Page 3 - Features Page 6 - Conclusion

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