EK Water Blocks Kit L360 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 10.06.13
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Should you be looking for a custom watercooling kit, then certainly should hop over to EK Water Blocks shop. These days there pushing heavily and as soon as there is a new high-end graphics card or CPU these guys release a new cooler for it. Apart from the fact that their products look great the should also perform well. For us these are enough reasons to check out their EK-Kit L360 watercooling kit.

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On the following pages we're going to show you what EK's L360 water-cooling kit is capable of. Therefore we're also having a closer look at the individual components.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 6 - Test Setup
Page 2 - Bundle Page 7 - Results 12 volt
Page 3 - CPU Block / Radiator Page 8 - Results 7 volt
Page 4 - Pump / Tubing / Fittings / Fans Page 9 - Conclusion
Page 5 - Installation  

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