Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 2x8GB DDR3-1866 CL10 1.5V Review

Published by Sam on 24.06.13
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After recent takeover of Elpida, Micron’s memory manufacturing division has finally shown a positive profit for the first time since 2011. Now that one of the giants is feeling healthy again, one should expect to see Micron memory ICs to spread even deeper in the lineups of various memory manufacturers. As a company owned by Micron, Crucial should be now exception. When we made a series of Crucial reviews last summer, we saw that there actually were very few different bins and the difference between the models came down to heatspreaders, naming and features. So, will it be any different this year?

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Manufacturer Crucial
Series Ballistix Sport XT
Part Number BLS2C8G3D18ADS3CEU
Type DDR3
Capacity 16 GB (2 x 8GB)
Frequency 1'866 MHz
Timings 10-10-10-30
VDIMM 1.5 Volt
Registred/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Cooling Passive Heatspreader
Waranty Lifetime warranty
Package Type Plastic Blister

CL10 rating at DDR3-1866 is not an impressive feature by any standard, but at least it is something new to see from Crucial. However, since there is currently no CL9 model with same rated frequency in the lineup, this might suggest that getting CL9 to fit with the older models was more than what Crucial could achieve and hence we shouldn’t expect much from the Ballistix Sport.

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