G.Skill Trident-X 2x4GB DDR3-2666 CL11 1.65V Review

Published by Sam on 12.09.13
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As it usually happens, when a first batch of new architecture CPUs rolls out of the factory, memory manufacturers are already there blazing with refreshed products to come by. However, it does not automatically eliminate the older models out of the market. As such, the DDR3-2666 CL11 version of G.Skill’s Trident-X is still interesting enough for us to test more than a year after its original release.

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Without further ado, let us meet our test subject.

Manufacturer G.Skill
Series Trident-X
Part Number F3-2666C11D-8GTXD
Type DDR3
Capacity 8 GB (2 x 4GB)
Frequency 1'333 MHz (DDR3-2666)
Timings 11-13-13-35
VDIMM 1.65 Volt
Registred/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Cooling Passive Heatspreader + Turbulence II Fan
Waranty Lifetime warranty
Package Type Boxed

Not long ago, DDR3-2666 used to be associated with something special but with the modern flood of high rated Haswell-ready offers, such frequency no longer stands out from the crowd. Same goes for the timing formula of 11-13-13-35, which also gets topped on all values by CL10-rated Samsung-based kits which are still possible to buy.
However, it is apparent that over the last year Samsung have significantly lowered their production numbers, hence the bad availability for 2400C9, 2600C10 and 2666C10 rated memory models where Samsung was the only option. This means that, in the long run, Hynix CFR just like ones on the 2666C11 model in question, are going to be the most common choice for low-density high-frequency modules.

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