Raijintek THEMIS Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 15.11.13
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General   + -
With the Themis, Raijintek shows a cooler which was performing really well. If you keep in mind what this cooler actually costs, you understand, that you're about to get a lot for your money. The only thing we didn't like were the aluminum fins, which are so thin that make silent rattling noises when you strike over them. Overall this is one of the coolers where you get the most performance for your money.   - Price
- Performance
- Fins
Installation   + -
The mounting kit of this cooler is well done. Installing this huge cooler was easy and the process is self explanatory. Practical, that's what the backplate is, which can be use for all sockets. Furhtermore this cooler is compatible to Intel as well as AMD CPU's.   - Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets  
Performance   + -
During our tests we used the fan, which is included in delivery. The fan measures 120 x 120 x 25 millimeter and at 12 Volt it can be described as well audible, whereas at 7V it is somewhere between silent and audible. We were actually quite surprised about the cooling capacity you get for this kind of money. In terms of cooling performance there really isn't anything more you could ask for in case of such a cooler.      
Recommendation   + -
If you're looking for a cooler with excelling price performance ratio, then the Themis might be the perfect cooler for you. These days the price of this cooler is - according to Geizhals.at - is 22.95 Euro.   - Budget Cooler  

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Author: Marc Büchel m.buechel@ocaholic.ch

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