Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 Ti GHz Edition Review

Published by Christian Ney on 06.12.13
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The new GTX 780 Ti GHz Edition graphics card ships well bolstered in a foam made mold. Bundled with the graphics card are software disc and two power converters (2x Molex to PCIe-6pin and 2xMolex to PCIe-8pin). The bundle is not pictured above since our graphics card was actually a marketing sample rather than the real retail/e-tail one. The bundle is still kind of too poor for a "special edition" graphics card and we would definitely like to see Gigabyte put a bit more effort into it.

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Page 2 - The card
Page 3 - Photo Gallery / Delivery
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Page 5 - Temperatures / Noise levels
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Page 7 - Conclusion

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