Couchmaster Pro Microfaser Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 28.01.14
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Closer Look - Part I


Inside the box we found: two cushions (one of which is equipped with a pocket), the horizontal axis made from black plastic, three palm rests, velcro tape, stickers of the company, USB3.0 extension and USB hub 3.0. The bundle varies from version to version, so the Basic version features the two cushions, the support axis and the palm rest. Currently, there are five different versions, more or less equipped, on the market, while prices start from €89 for the Basic version up to €199 for the top version.

All components of the Couchmaster are well designed and manufactured, the support cushions are not too soft and the padding is of good quality. As you can see from the pictures, only one of the two pillows features a handy pocket where you can store food, drink or even a pair of headphones.

The horizontal axis, which is placed between two cushions, has a dual function: the first is to hold all of your peripherals, while the second, is to cover the cable management of your Couchmaster. Inside the axis you should get a good cable management. There is also enough space to place a USB hub or extension cables. Despite the presence of velcro tape and space for a good routing, the cable management can be hard, especially with long or thick cables. The three palm rests are very soft and equipped with a velcro adhesive strip. Our package also included an USB3.0 hub and an USB 3.0 Extension Cable.

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