Scythe Ashura Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 20.02.14
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Installation of the Scythe Ashura is quite simple and easy. Scythe kept everything nice and clean as there are not too many mounting parts. The thermal compound is not pre-applied and comes in a small bag. The overall pressure on the CPU is quite good and you get one universal backplate but two different brackets to keep the cooler in place. There is really nothing much to complain about, since this cooler is compatible with any socket it might be used on. Especially considering the decent price point, this is certainly a pleasant surprise. 

Due to its slim-design, the Scythe Ashura does not block any memory slots or any other components for that matter. The fan clips are easy and practical and Scythe threw in an additional set of clips in case you decide to use it in a push-pull configuration with two fans. The clips are compatible with any 140x25mm fan.

Test Setup

Mainboard ASUS Z87-Deluxe (BIOS 1602)
CPU Intel Core i7-4770K Stock (Turbo On / HT On)
Memory ADATA XPG V2 2x4GB DDR3-2800 CL12 1.65V
Video Intel HD Graphics 4600
Software Windows 7 x64
wPrime Benchmark v2.10
CPUID HWMonitor 1.24.0
PSU Seasonic Platinum SS-660XP2
Fan Controller Lamptron FC5 V3
Thermal Compound Pre-applied or bundled
GELID GC-Extreme else

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