Scythe Ashura Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 20.02.14
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General + -
With the Ashura, Scythe has a convincing product in its lineup. It is an affordable mid-range cooler and features great manufacturing quality. The overall performance is good and noise levels are decent as well. The cooler is extremely silent with the bundled PWM fan at 7 volt. The mounting system is also practical and compatible with all Intel sockets since LGA775 as well as all AMD sockets from AM2 to FM2.   - Performance
- Noise levels
- Quality
- Mouting
- Price - Socket compatibility
- Noise levels at 12V
Installation   + -
Mounting is easy and practical and the mounting kit is compatible with any recent Intel and AMD socket. The mounting mechanism parts are solid, thermal paste comes in a small bag and Scythe went an extra mile to include additional fan clips in case you want to add another 140mm fan.   - Easy and practical
- Compatible Intel and AMD
- Thermal compound (Tube)
Performance   + -
The cooling performance of the Scythe Ashura is good. It does a way better job than most cheaper coolers and to make things worse, for competition at least, it even does a better job than some more expensive and bigger coolers.   - Cooling performances  
Noise Levels   + -
The overall noise levels are good and the Scythe Ashura is silent. However, we are a bit sensitive when it comes to noise and we would surely like that the noise levels are just a tad bit lower. The cooler is extremely silent when the mainboard controls it for us but when we want to set 12V, maybe to overlcock a little bit, our decibel meter reports 41.0 dBA, which is rather high.   - Silent PWM and 7V - Noise levels at 12V
Recommendation / Price   + -
We can definitely recommend this cooler, since it features a truly excellent fan as well as decent cooling performance. The Scythe Ashura is a high quality product with a reasonable price of 39 Euros, and even good enough to put to shame some higher priced and bigger coolers from the competition.   - Price - Office PC
- Gaming
- Overclocking
We gave the Ashura from Scythe 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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