ADATA Premier Pro SP920 512 Gigabyte Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 03.04.14
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With the Premier Pro SP920, ADATA have an SSD in their portfolio, which is based on a very well performing and well-known controller from Marvell. Other than that ADATA have optimized the firmware towards maximum performance as well as high endurance. With this drive up their sleeve ADATA wants to steal some market share from their competitors and we're certainly curious how well a job the company did.

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Specifications / Delivery

Model ADATA SP920 Premier Pro 512 GB
Capacity 512 Gigabyte
Form Factor 2.5'', 7mm
Memory 20nm Micron ONFi 3.0 MLC-NAND
Technology synchronous
Throughput 560 MB/s sequential read
500 MB/s sequential write
98'000 IOPS 4K random read
88'000 IOPS 4K random write
Cache 512 MB DDR3
Accesstime (read) < 0.1 ms
MTBF 2'000'000 hours
Acoustics no noise
Warranty 3 Years
Software Acronis True Image

Almost two and a half years ago ADATA launched their last SSDs, which were based on SandForce controllers. Since then there haven't been any big announcements from the maker at all. This is why the launch of this drive is quite important for ADATA and they want to push with a drive that features several improvements regarding performance and also the bundle has been polished.

With this drive you get a combination of Micron 20nm ONFi 3.0 synchronous MLC NAND flash memory and a Marvell 88SS9189 controller. Compared to the 88SS9187 controller, the latest version clocks with 400 MHz, which is 16 MHz more than the older version. Other than that there is a DDR3 Cache helping to keep read and write performance on a consistently high level. This drive also supports the "DevSleep"mode, which makes the drive highly energy efficient when it's in idle, meaning it's basically a deep sleep mode.

A quick look at the bundle shows, there is a 3.5 inch adapter as well as a serial number to download a copy of Acronis Disk Image. Furthermore you'll also find another adapter bracket, which is 2.5 millimeter high. This is a great addition if you want to put the drive into a slot, which is designed for drives that measure 9.5 millimeter in height.

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