Deepcool Steam Castle Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 23.07.14
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General   + -
Deepcool's Steam Castle is a rather unique case and designed for those who like somewhat different design or are looking for a new modding project. Unlike what you might think, the Steam Castle is not a small case at all, and with the right precautions, you should be able to install high-end video cards. The build quality is pretty good and the materials are pleasant to the touch.   - Bundle  
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The Steam Castle is made of SGCC and ABS painted black and these are definitely quality materials, both internally and externally. Although the side panels are quite light and thin, which is never a good sign, we did not observe any sharp edges. As for the mounting, we found some problems during the installation of longer graphics cards as well as some problems with power supply, which should make some problems during cable routing. During the installation, we struggled to correctly insert our small modular power supply and get a good cable management using the grommets supplied with the Steam Castle. The maximum PSU size suggested by Deepcool is about 160 millimeters, however, we found some problems with our Bitfenix Fury PSU. Another aspect that has left us perplexed is the 2.5" slot positioned at the front of the case, since there is a mismatch on the front panel and it was missing the removable bay.   - Build quality - Tool-less - PSU space - GPU space
Design   + -
Of course, the design is always a matter of taste. In our opinion, the Deepcool Steam Castle follows stylistic choices that might not appeal to many. The design is post-apocalyptic design and if you are a steampunk modder you will surely know both how to appreciate and to mod this PC case. Regarding the cooling, there are two 200 and 120 mm fans which are pre-installed with the case and there is space for additional two 120mm fans at the top. Deepcool has also thought of those who love cases with LEDs and neon since it has added four huge LEDs on the top part of the Steam Castle.   - Design
- Water cooling solutions - LED
Recommendation   + -
An MSRP price of the Deepcool Steam Castle is $119.99 / €88.99 and will be available soon. In our opinion, the overall quality is good, however, there are some aspects that could and should be improved. The price is in line with other products in the same genre and we recommend this model to modders and those looking for a rather unique design.   - Gaming-PC
- Modding


The Deepcool Steam Castle gets good 4 out of 5 stars.

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