Cooltek Antiphon Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 18.08.14
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The inside is clean and simple, and it features the most classic design, the same you find on 99% of the cases on the market. The Cooltek Antiphon can fit up to three 5.25” devices, four 2.5” drives, and the same amount of 3.5” drives. These eight drives can be fitted into the cages with a slides based tool less system. Unfortunately, the cages are not removable, so the graphics card can not be longer than 320mm. The motherboard tray is made out of solid steel, and it features a big opening behind the socket, to allow the user to install aftermarket CPU coolers without taking the motherboard out. The tray features three openings with rubber groomets to create a neat cable management. Unfortunately, these groomets tend to pop out of their place when you push a cable through. Between the motherboard tray and the right panel there is enough space to hide many cables. The whole internal space, except for the back and bottom panels, is padded with soundproofing materials to reduce the system noise.

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