Steelseries Sensei Wireless Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 09.09.14
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Closer Look


Having a first look at the Sensei Wireless quickly shows that this is a harmonius and ergonomically shaped gaming mouse. The shape and arrangement of buttons make the mouse symmetrical and usable by both right- and left-handed gamers/users. Other than that, the Steelseries Sensei Wireless features a very grippy surface with a black matte finish. The materials used are of excellent quality, and even the softouch is well made and very comfortable. The wheel, which is made from plastic and almost entirely covered with rubber, is big, strong and provides an excellent grip as well as a tactile feedback. Right behind the wheel, there is a button to increase/decrease the DPI. The back part of the mouse features Steelseries logo, which can glow in RGB color while plugged into a running PC.
As its name suggests, the Sensei Wireless is a wireless mouse that uses WiFi to communicate with your computer. The charging base is thick, strong, heavy, and definitely conveys solidity and quality. The range is more than adequate and, as for the mouse, this charging base has an RGB LED backlight which will indicate the battery charge of the mouse.


The Sensei Wireless uses a laser sensor, the PixArt ADNS 9800, which is able to reach the 8200 DPI in 50DPI steps. Under the mouse there are four small black teflon feet arranged in a way that will certainly ensure low friction. Despite being a gaming mouse you can not adjust the weight, however, the Sensei Wireless is already well balanced and very light. The cable, black and sleeved, is 2.0 meters long and in case of low battery you can insert it into the mouse and continue to use the Sensei Wireless.

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