ASUS Rampage V Extreme Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 12.09.14
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When it comes to high-end overclocking motherboards, the ASUS Republic of Gamers Rampage series motherboards have always been amongst the very best products money can buy. With the Rampage V Extreme ASUS certainly doesn't want to break with this tradition. At a first glance, this EATX motherboard has been crammed with features and there are quite a few really interesting things, that have the potential of making overclocking a little bit more handy. At this point we're seriously curious to find out what's it exactly that should make this a great motherboard, so let's have a closer look on the following pages.

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Before the launch of Intel’s X99 chipset it was surprisingly silent around the world’s largest motherboard maker. Behind closed doors ASUS’s engineers have been developing several new motherboards and the Rampage V Extreme is obviously the flagship model. It’s obvious that there is a plethora of features, since this is basically, the high-end model from ASUS in the case of their X99 lineup. During the past few weeks we spent a lot of time gathering experience on the new X99 platform using this board and we’re happy to show you this review.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 15 - UC Bench
Page 2 - Specs and Delivery Page 16 - Super Pi 1M / 32M
Page 3 - Features Page 17 - wPrime 1024M Multi Core
Page 4 - Layout Page 18 - Cinebench
Page 5 - Connectors and I/O Page 19 - Tomb Raider
Page 6 - Overclocking / BIOS Page 20 - Metro Last Light
Page 7 - Test setup Page 21 - Thief
Page 8 - Preview / Gallery Page 22 - Right Mark Audio Analyzer
Page 9 - 3DMark Page 23 - BCLK Overclocking
Page 10 - 3DMark 11 Page 24 - Power Consumption
Page 11 - 3DMark Vantage Page 25 - Performance Rating
Page 12 - PC Mark 8 Page 26 - Price Comparison
Page 13 - SiSoft Sandra 1 Page 27 - Conclusion
Page 14 - SiSoft Sandra 2  

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