In Win D-Frame Mini Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 17.09.14
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The instructions included with the D-Frame Mini are very clear and will help you during the installation of the components. Despite the unconventional design of the In Win D-Frame Mini, the components are arranged almost like in a normal case. Once you have removed both sidepanels, the access to the work area is very immediate. The PSU bay is located on the rear exterior part of the case and you can install units with a maximum length of 220 mm. The motherboard is positioned in a vertical way with the connections facing towards the upper area. Regarding the compatibility of the CPU heatsink, the D-Frame Mini is compatible with air systems with a maximum height of 165 mm, in other words, with the most of the coolers on the market. As suggested by the internal arrangement of the components, the case does not have any restrictions regarding the size of the graphics card, in fact we were able to use our reference card which is 28 cm long without any problems. After placing all the components, we can say that the interior space inside the In Win D-Frame Mini is not lacking. Despite some initial concerns about the visible cables, we must say that thanks to the sleeved black cables and the smoked glass, it is pretty hard to see what is inside the case.


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