Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 18.12.14
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General + -
With the Silver Arrow ITX, Thermalright shows an excellent cooler. In terms of cooling capacity this particular model has been able to score above average regarding our charts (which consist mainly of very high-end products). It's not only the performance with this cooler that is on a very high level, also the build quality of the Silver Arrow ITX is excellent. We do appreciate it when manufacturers have an eye for details. In this case we're for example talking about the finisher caps at the ends of the heatpipes as well as the black nickel plating.   - Performance
- Build quality - Design
Installation   + -
The installation process is easy and you can mount the cooler quickly. Nevertheless we didn't want to install it without consulting the manual. Another thing which is important to us is the fact that this cooler is compatible with all recent sockets from Intel and AMD.   - Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets - We recommend to have a look at the manual
Performance / Lautstärke   + -
When it comes to performance, the Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX is capable enough to keep todays CPUs at very reasonable temperatures. In this case it doesn't matter if you look at temperatures with the fan at 12V, 7V or in PWM mode. Apart from temperatures we also have a look at noise levels. Despite the fact, that the fan rotate comparably slow this isn't one of the most silent coolers we've had for testing. We would appreciate if this cooler was inaudible, especially in idle conditions.   - Cooling capacity  
Recommendation / Price   + -

If you're looking for a very well performing CPU cooler for a miniITX gaming rig, then Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX is definitely a great choice. With a price of 59.99 Euro these days, also the price is on a reasonable level.

  - Overclocking
- Gaming
- Enthusiast
The Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX receives very good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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