CM Storm NovaTouch TKL Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 24.01.15
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With the NovaTouch TKL, CM Storm introduces a new gaming keyboard for those who want the best of the best. Apart from that you also have to able to afford this keyboard, since it's anything but cheap. What's so special about the NovaTouch TKL is the fact, that there aren't traditional, mechanical CherryMX switches. In fact, the keys from NovaTouch are so called hybrids and they combine the advantages of mechanical and rubber dome switches. Follow us in this new review to find out more about these new switches.

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Today we will be showing you the main features and drawbacks, if there are any, of the new CM Storm gaming keyboard model, the CM Storm NovaTouch TKL.

Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Preview
Page 3 - Features
Page 4 - Closer look
Page 5 - Conclusion

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