Asustor AS-7004T Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 28.05.15
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The Asustor AS7004T is an extremely powerful and versatile Network Attached Storage system. Basically the AS7004T is a normal PC with a socketed Intel i3-4330 CPU and 2GB of memory. means there is a lot of performance to perform network tasks. It's for example absolutely no problem for this device to provide data to several clients accessing the NAS simultaneously. Furthermore this NAS is easily capable of hitting the bandwidth limitations set by the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Taking a closer look at sequential throughputs quickly shows that this is no challenge for th AS7004T.
Since the AS7004T runs on a modified Linux-based system, many features from known Linux distributions are available. An example is SSH access (Secure Shell) which is set up in a breeze. Furthermore, it's also piece of cake to set up a secure firewall. Apart form that we want to point out again that there are countless apps available, which can be installed by a simple click. Asustor even managed to shoehorn all this into an easy and efficient web interface. Furthermore you see that the manufacturer has been thinking a lot about how to make it easy, even for beginners to setup this device. Their App concept for example is simply great and it's hard to find an easier way to install additional software or services on a NAS.

If you are looking for an efficient and extremely versatile NAS, with enough power for basically everything a NAS must do, we highly recommend the Asustor AS7004T. Furthermore we want to underline how easy to use this unit is.

The Asustor AS7004T is available in Switzerland for about CHF 721 and in Geizhals for about 1050 Euro

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