Tt eSport Theron Plus Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 17.06.15
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General + -
The Tt eSport Theron Plus is a pleasant surprise. The device is comfortable, with some really interesting features and a good build quality. Overall, the sensor performs well and the software is practical and easy to use. The compact and lightweight shape makes it one of the smaller mice we've tested so far and it is also perfect for trips away from your home PC, and thus very practical as a notebook mouse as it can easily fit inside a notebook bag. In our opinion only the upper surface should be improved since it is a fingerprint magnet.   - Low weight
- Design
- Build quality
- Glossy finish is bad for fingerprint
Performance / Ergonomics   + -
As usual, we used the gaming mouse in both 2D and 3D environments for our tests. After a few days of use with standard office applications we can say that, despite being a gaming mouse, TteSport's product behaves very well in those scenarios as well as in gaming. We tested the TteSport Theron Plus with RTS and FPS games without any problems. The weight is about 100g but there is also the possibility to adjust it with five small 4.5g weights placed in the bottom rear part of the mouse. TteSport's device is also very slim and thanks to its particular shape it is also very comfortable. In our opinion only the upper buttons are hard to press because they are simply too small and too close to the palm.   - Sensor
- Comfort - Omron switch
Software   + -
The TteSport's software is a good surprise. It is well-structured, easy to use and with a couple of good options. You will be able to change the aesthetics as well as all the functional aspects. The GUI interface is easy and simple, although we would also like to see a few more customizations from TteSport. In addition to the classic software for Windows, there is a mobile application that will communicate with your mouse through the bluetooth module built-in the Theron Plus. Through the application, available for Android and iOS, you can check in real-time all the main features and statistics of the mouse.   - Easy to use  
Recommendation / Price   + -
The price of the Tt eSport Theron Plus is about 70 Euros. In terms of value, we think that the price could be a bit steep. Overall the perfomance and the build quality is on a good level.   - Price
We gave the Theron Plus from Tt eSport 4 out of 5 stars.

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