Gigabyte X99M-Gaming 5 Preview

Published by Luca Rocchi on 02.07.15
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Digital Power Design

Since quite some time Gigabyte equips its motherboards onyl with digital power designs. Using Gigabyte's own tuning software you can for example change voltages in Windows on the fly. As you might expect it from a high-end motherboard, there are only high quality parts used for the power design.

AMP-UP Audio

Gigabyte equipped this board with their AMP-UP audio solution. In this case you get a Realtek ALC 1150 audio chip, that has been combined with an EMI shield. Apart from that the audio solution has been isolated from the rest of the motherboard in order to reduce interference even further. Furthermore there are also high quality capacitors next to the audio chip, helping to provide richer sound.

SATA Express

SATA Express is a storage port, which basically combines two SATA connectors and bundles them. Each SATA Express port has been wired using two PCI Express Gen2 lanes offering a total of 10 Gbps bandwidth. Compared to SATA-III with 6 Gbps bandwidth this is quite an improvement.

M.2 Support

The new Gigabyte X99M-Gaming 5 motherboard features an M.2 slot. This motherboard can be equipped with an SSD in M.2 format and it is wired directly to the X99 PCH via two PCI Express lanes, therefore offering x4 bandwidth. In other words up to 10 Gbps can be pushed over the bus through this slot.

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