ASUS X99 Sabertooth Preview

Published by Marc Büchel on 06.07.15
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Digi+ Power Design

Since quite some time ASUS has been equipping its boards with digital power designs. Using the right software it is not only possible to adjust voltages while being in Windows on can now also control impedances. Furthermore this board features high quality 10K black metallic capacitor which guarantee a long lifespan.

ASUS OC Socket

With their OC Socket ASUS is using more pins then on Intel’s reference design. ASUS claims, that these pins help maintaining highest possible CPU voltage stability even when a CPU is being overclocked to more than 5.0 GHz. In other words there is a lower voltage drop when you’re feeding your HEDT CPU with higher voltages at very high clock speeds. This is especially helpful if you do extreme overclocking, since in this case voltage drops can cause instability. Basically the more stable the current and voltage supply is the more likely it is to run a CPU at insane frequency, thus increasing the likelihood to break world records.

ASUS Fan Xpert 3

ASUS Fan Xpert 3 provides customizable settings for fans that have been attached directly to the onboard fan headers. With the Fan Auto Tuning feature, ASUS Fan Xpert 3 automatically detects and tweaks all fan speeds and in the end reduces unwanted noise.

M.2 Support

The X99 Sabertooth features an M.2 slot. Therefore you can equip this particular model with an SSD in M.2 format, whereas the M.2 slot has been natively wired to the X99 PCH via two PCI Express lanes. In other words there is up to 10 Gbps bandwidth from this slot.  

USB 3.1

ASUS equips this motherboard with two ultra-fast USB 3.1 ports. These ports support transfer rates of up to 10Gb/s and they have been placed at back I/O panel. In order to visually show which ones are the USB 3.1 ports, the color has been changed to light blue. When we released this article no devices with USB 3.1 interface have been available. It is to be expected that the first devices will hit the market during the second half of 2015.
TUF Thermal Armor The TUF Thermal Armor is basically a cover for the entire motherboard. On the frontside of the motherboard there is a plastic cover, which keeps dust away from the board and on the backside there is a metal cover which reinforces the entire structure. With its integrated shunt design, the Thermal Armor improves air circulation, directing it towards important components. It effectively conducts hot air away and out of the case through special airflow channels, contributing to enhanced system stability and extending component lifespan.

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