Intel X25-m Mainstream SATA SSD

Published by Mathias Seiler on 08.09.08
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Resized ImageToday the conventional hard disk is still the bottleneck in modern computers and only because of the RAM it doesn't have a very heavy influence on the whole system performance. But unfortunately we have to wait for the hard disk again and again and therefore it doesn't matter if we start a program or read/write from/into a database. If we compare the time we wait for the hard drive to the operations a processor can execute per second or data that can be sent through memory per second we have to wait very long. But at least there is hope that the bottleneck gets a little wider with the new Intel SSD-family.

We'll test Intel's latest solid state disk for the mainstream sector. This technology really has the potential to start a revolution in the storage industry and in this article we'll show you the dimensions.

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ModelIntel® X18-M Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drive (1.8")
Intel® X25-M Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drive (2.5")
Capacity80GB, 160 GB
TechnologyMLC NAND Flash Memory, 10-Kanal Parallelarchitektur
Throughputbis zu 250 MB/s lesend
bis zu 70 MB/s schreibend/td>
Accesstime (read)85 µs
Life expectance1.2 Mio. Stunden (MTBF)
PowerconsumptionAktiv: ~150mW
Idle: ~0.06W
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