Intel X25-M Gen2 34nm 160GB

Published by Marc Büchel on 02.09.09
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Resized ImageUnder the codename "Postville" Intel was developing the second generation of their already successful X25-SSD-Series. Now Intel ships the X25-m with 34 nm NAND Flash.

The advantages a shrink comes with are quite predictable: lower manufacturing costs per Gigabyte, lower power consumption and a higher storage density. Furthermore Intel also overworked the firmware and therefore we can expect a bit more performance and hopefully the drive won't be affected by filling it up to 100 percent of its capacity.


Model Intel X25-M Gen2 34nm
Capacity 160 GByte
Technology MLC (Multi Level Cell)
Throughput up to 250 MB/s reading, up to 70 MB/s writing
Accesstime (read) < 0.1 ms
Life expectance 1'500'000 hours (MTBF)
Powerconsumption 2 Watt load, 0.5 Watt idle
Acoustics no noise

Page 1 - Introduction Page 8 - Sequential write ops
Page 2 - Impressions Page 9 - Sequential read ops
Page 3 - How do we test? Page 10 - Random write ops
Page 4 - Sequential write KByte/s Page 11 - Random read ops
Page 5 - Sequential read KByte/s Page 12 - Performance Degradation
Page 6 - Random write KByte/s Page 13 - Conclusion
Page 7 - Random read KByte/s  

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