Raijintek Styx Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.10.15
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The Styx from Raijintek is amongs the smaller mATX cases we have tested so far. Despite the its compact dimensions there is a lot of space available on the inside. The motherboard is placed vertically with the sockets facing down while the power supply is to be put in the front part of the case. As far as the storage is concerned, you can equip the Styx with up to three 3.5" HDD and up to six 2.5" devices. All HDDs are positioned on slides which can be attached at the bottom and the top of the case. Despite its very small dimensions of 210 x 335 x 360 mm, the Styx allows installing high-end graphics card and medium-sized ATX power supplies. For our test system, we used a fully modular 650W ATX PSU and there was no issue. Due to the size of the case, it is not necessary to use a low profile CPU cooler since the Styx is compatible with CPU cooler with a maximus height of 180mm. The installation is not as easy as with an ATX case but putting the components in place is still reasonably simple. One thing that really helps is that all side panels can be removed, which allows for good access to the interior.

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