OCZ Trion 150 480 Gigabyte Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 19.02.16
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SSD Guru

SSD Guru is OCZ's management software for their SSDs. As you might have expected it gives you an overview on the drives capacity and it tells you when your SSD is going to be full. Apart from that you also see information on the drives health on the overview page as well as other details. If you'd like you can also dive deeper and check the SMART data yourself. OCZ added some additional information where necessary in the case of SMART data, so it's easy to understand what these values actually describe.
The second tab "Tuner" allows you to do initiate the TRIM command yourself and you can also change the overprovisioning setting. Apart from that, there is also the so called "OS Tuner", where you can choose from the four different settings "Reliability", "Performance", "Capacity" and "Custom".
Using the "Settings" tab, you can select options related to logging or if you want to enable SSD Guru, when your system is booting up. Apart from that there are monitoring options and you can even add proxy related settings.
On the "Maintenance" page OCZ allows you to initiate firmware updates as well as a Secure Erase.
What might be practical too is the "Help" tab. Here you have links to the OCZ Support as well as to OCZ's Support Forum. There is also detailed information on your drive, which you can save easily to you drive, simply by hitting the save button.



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Page 2 - Impressions Page 8 - Random write IOPS
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Page 4 - Sequential write KByte/s Page 10 - Threaded Performance
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