Ozone Tri-FX Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 15.03.16
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The audio quality of the Tri-FX total reflects our expectations. With gaming gears usually we find products not able to offer a faithful reproduction of all frequencies, very often in fact we are in front of more unbalanced solutions. With Tri-FX Ozone has created three small interchangeable ear-plugs able to offer a good experience with highs, mids and bass. In other words each plugs is suitable for differents enviorment. The Tri-FX are made of aluminum with a shape that remind us the cartridge case of firearms; we appreciate the use of a premium material such as aluminum, however, the headphones are still too heavy to be used several hours. As for voice conversations, we must admit that the Tri-FX make the sound really clear and pleasant.



The built-in microphone works well and there is effective noise cancelling. The multifunction play/call button is practical and appreciate this particular solution chosen by Ozone.

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