Tesoro Excalibur V2 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 30.03.16
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As soon as you lift the Excalibur V2, you realize how sturdy and solid it actually is. Tesoro has created a keyboard that gives a sense of maximum quality to the user at any time, and it did a pretty good job. The whole keyboard is made of plastic with different finishing, including the wrist rest. The advantage of this standard layout is that the keyboard feature normal size without additional macro or multimedia keys eating up a lot of spacce. This is quite an advantage and especially during LAN parties you'll appreciate the compact form factor. The Excalibur V2 is a mechanical keyboard and it is available with Kailh switches. Our sample is based on Kailh Blue switches which provide good tactile feedback. A quick look around shows there is a USB hub but there are no audio jacks. In order to program macros you can use the software, which you download from the manufacturers website.


The back of this particular keyboard isn't special. There is the usual label showing the serial of the product and there are four rubber feet, on in each corner. Obviously there are two small feet, also with rubber ends, which allow for tilting the keyboard to a certain angle.

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