NZXT Manta Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 06.04.16
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Dust filters

There are washable dust filters covering the bottom and the front part of the case. Thanks to a quick release system it's very easy and convenient to remove the bottom filter. Removing the front dust filter takes a bit more time.

PSU Cover

In order to hide all the cables connected to your power supply, there is a cover hiding away the unit. This helps creating a neat and clean looking system.

Watercooling ready

The Manta is also ready for watercooling gear. If you wish to install a custom loop, there is the possibility to equip this case with up to three radiators. Two of them can measure 240/280mm in lenght and the third could be a 120/140mm model.

LED and Fan Hub

NZXTs Manta features a practical fan controller located on the rear of the case. It's capable of driving a maximum of 8 fans for a total of 30W. In addition there is a LED controller in the top part of the case that will allow you to drive the two LED positioned on the I/O shield.

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