NZXT Manta Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 06.04.16
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The Manta is a mini-tower designed for those who wish to have a mini-ITX case with good airflow. First of all let's talk about the design. We understand that this point is always subjective and we would prefer a shape with a less curves. The NZXT Manta is a pretty big mini-ITX case and thanks to that you can install a large number of fans and radiators. Inside the bundle there are three 120mm fans and a small fan hub placed on the back panel; thanks to this hub you can attach up to 8 fans.

The black matte steel paired with small red details ensures great looks and the colors are perfect for every gaming setup since the red/black color scheme is pretty common. Build quality is on a very good level and what we expected from NZXT. Also all the plastic panels are well made and both side panels are quite heavy.

On the inside the Manta offers plenty of space and there are quite a few options for building a nice mini-ITX rig. You can install enough HDDs and/or SSDs. Apart from that power supplies can measure more than 160mm, which offers great flexibility in terms of choosing a suitable model. Even for the CPU cooler or GPU there is enough space for high-end components.

Despite the fact that the Manta offers an extensive bundle and a good amount of features, we believe that the price is still a bit too high. The NZXT Manta is available in different colors on Geizhals at a price of about 140 Euros and receives 4 stars out of 5.

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