Fractal Design Define Nano S Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 20.04.16
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On the inside the Define Nano S looks clean and simple, and it features a classic design with some noticeable features. The Define Nano S is a case for enthusiasts and for those who like custom water cooling builds, therefore you will not be able to install a large number of HDDs and/or SSDs. There is space for up to two 3.5" HDD and two 2.5" SSD, both can be installed using tool-less sledges located behind the motherboard tray. The latter is made out of solid steel, and it features a big opening behind the CPU socket, which allows a user to install aftermarket CPU coolers without having to remov the motherboard first. The tray features five openings with rubber grommets to create neat cable management. Between the motherboard tray and the side right panel there is enough space to hide plenty of cables. The whole interior, except the back and bottom, has been padded with soundproofing material to reduce noise.

For our test we used an MSI Z170I motherboard and a rather generously sized tower cooler from SilentiumPC and we did not run into any compatibility issues, despite the small size of the case. The area dedicated to the graphics card is large enough to accommodate even the most powerful GPUs available on the market today, while the only limitation is the fact that there are two expansion slots. After placing all the components inside the case you will end up with a clean rig.


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