Huawei P9 Lite Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 01.09.16
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Design / Build Quality


The Huawei P9 Lite uses the a meanwhile classic shape, which is common with all touch screen devices available on the market. Overall the P9 Lite measures 146.8 x 72.6 x 7.5 mm weighing in at 147 grams. Despite the size and the 5.2-inch display it's not possible to use the device with one hand. On the right hand side of the device you can change the volume and there is also the power button. At the top and bottom we find the audio connector and the micro-USB port (not OTG friendly). On the other side there is the fingerprint scanner and the rear camera with LED flash. Overall the build quality is on a very good level despite this is a mid-range smartphone; like other models of the same line, also P9 Lite offers a chassis made from solid aluminum with matte back cover in high-quality plastic.



The P9 Lite comes with a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a 8-megapixel one on the front. The rear camera features a LED flash, which allows you to take pictures with decent quality in the dark. A closer look at the sensor (Sony IMX2014 F2.0) reveals that it’s the same, which can be found on many other devices. However, we want to make clear that the sensor is only a small part of a camera module, and sharing the same sensor does not necessarily mean that you will get great pictures.

In our opinion color reproduction is on a good level and so is field of view. Apart from that the shutter releases almost immediately. Only the focus is not lightning fast like with other devices we’ve had for testing so far. The included application comes with numerous camera modes and settings, and while using the menu you can adjust almost every aspect of the camera, which includes ISO and white balance. We’ve also shot a few videos at the highest possible quality but we can't say that the video quality is on the same level as the picture quality.

1080p @ 30 fps

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