Lamptron CM430 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.09.16
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The Lamptron CM430 is a touch screen fan controller, in other words the design is plain and simple without any buttons or knobs. The looks are clean and there is a solid, black aluminum frame. The build quality is on a very good level, which gives the CM430 an overall high quality feel.

A quick look at the back side shows all the internal connectors. First of all the power is being fed through a 4-pin molex connector located in the bottom right corner. All the other connectors can be found at the top edge. In this case there are the four headers for temperature sensors as well as the four fan connectors. Each of those channels can manage up to 30W per channel. Since there are a lot of cables do connect, we suggest to use zipties, since otherwise you will have a spaghetti mess in your computer.

The CM430 doesn't come with a USB header. Infact there is no software that you can use with this fan controller. Programming the CM430 is simple and straight forward, while there aren't too many options. You can set the fan controller to auto or manual mode. In auto mode it will use the temperature probes to set the right speed and monitor the different zones of your system. Set to manual you can choose the rotation speed you want. When the temperature surpasses a certain limit an alarm will go off. In addition there are also a couple of extra modes like "Full power mode" and "Silence mode", in case you want to set the controller up quickly. We tested the CM430 with a couple of Corsair ML120 Pro and it all worked perfectly fine.



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