Lamptron CM430 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.09.16
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The CM430 from Lamptron is an overall good product. Build quality and finish are solid and nicely done. The screens responsiveness can be called good, yet it doesn't feel like a capacitive touch screen you find on today's smartphones. Apart from that we like the display viewing angle stability. Color and brightness are good and every information can be read easily. Unfortunately there is only one color available and at the moment there are only three different products available: green, red and blue.

30 Watts per channel is more than enough and with additional Y-splitters you could even manage more than four fans. The Lamptron CM430 is a solid choice if you need a fan controller with a classic design and no complicated software. Unfortunately the product is hard to find yet at the price of 34.99 US-Dollar it would be very affordable.

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