Tesoro Sharur Spectrum Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.11.16
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General + -
The Tesoro Sharur Spectrum is a very solid product, and overall, we were impressed by the build quality and it's comfortable shape. The RGB color backlight is well done and good looking as well. It is perfect to add a personal touch to your mouse. The build quality is excellent and all the materials are perfect. Even the glide pads are excellent, generous in size and good on any surface.   - Design
Performance / Ergonomics   + -
As usual, we used the gaming mouse in both 2D and 3D environments for our tests. After a few days of use with standard office applications we can say that, despite being a gaming mouse, the Tesoro product behaves very well any scenario as well, mostly thanks to the  numerous options that you can change within the software. Also, the gaming experience is very good, and we have used the Sharur Spectrum with both RTS and FPS games without any problem. Furthermore, we really like the glide pads, which are big, made from teflon and offer excellent gliding performance. The Tesoro Sharur Spectrum gaming mouse features a total of six buttons that despite they may seem like too many, they are comfortable and overall well placed; in our opinion only side buttons are a little bit too small.   - Sensor
- Comfort
- 6 buttons
- Side buttons too small
Tesoro Aegis X2 (Mousepad)   + -
In order to test the perfomance of the mouse, we decided to use the mousepad provided by Tesoro, the Aegis X2. The mousepad is made of fabric and is compatible with both laser and optical sensors. The pad is shipped inside a black and purple cardbox. It's texture provides accurate tracking and the a slip-resistant base is of excellent quality. The Aegis X2 measures at 290mm x 240mm x 3mm.   - Price  
Software   + -
The Tesoro software is a pleasant surprise. It is well-structured, easy to use and with a tons of options. You will be able to change the aesthetics as well as all the functional aspects.   - Easy to use
- Backup / Restore
Recommendation / Price   + -
Using geizhals.eu to check prices, we see that the Tesoro Sharur Spectrum has a starting price of about €37, excluding shipping costs. The product has definitely impressed us, the performance is good and so are the software and the build quality. If you are looking for a gaming mouse with a clean design and good quality, we definitely recommend that you take a look at the Tesoro Sharur Spectrum. The Aegis X2 mousepad is also available on Geizhals with a price of 13 euro, excluding shipping costs. This is a decent mouse pad, which features a reasonable price tag as well as an adequate performance.   - Price
The Sharur Spectrum from Tesoro receives 4 out of 5 stars.

The Aegis X2 from Tesoro receives 4 out of 5 stars.

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