Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 23.11.16
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PSU Cover

In order to hide all the cables connected to your power supply, there is cover hiding away the unit. This helps creating a neat and clean looking system.

Dust filters

There are washable dust filters covering all larger openings of the Crystal Series 570X RGB. Thanks to a magnetic quick release system they can be removed quickly.

LED Controller

Corsair equipped their Crystal Series 570X RGB case with a control unit that allows you to change the color of the fans. Next to different modes you can also choose from a set of different colors. A closer look at the control unit show, there is a total of six connectors for fans. Included in the delivery there are three LED fans, which have already been connected.

Watercooling ready

The Crystal Series 570X RGB is also ready for watercooling gear. If you wish to install a custom loop, there is the possibility to equip this case with up to three radiators. One of them can measure 360mm, another 280/240mm in lenght and the third one, at the back, could measure 120mm.

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