be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 05.02.17
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Product overview


  • Dark Base Pro 900
  • Dark Base Pro 900
  • Dark Base Pro 900
  • Dark Base Pro 900
The Dark Base Pro 900 features a simple and neat design. be quiet! manufactures this case from high quality aluminum, metal and plastic. The front door comes with a black panel covering the two 5.25" slots located at the top of the case as well as three front fans. There is also a removable and washable dust filter, which has been placed on a plastic frame. The door and one side panel, are equipped with thick sound-absorbing material, which has become a trademark for every silent case.

The I/O panel features two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 ports, the power and reset buttons as well as the standard audio jacks. In addition we find also Qi wireless charging plate integrated into the top side, that allows for charging your mobile phone wirelessly. On both sides of the front panel there are a few small openings, so the front fans can pull fresh air into the case. The right side panel, even if it looks quite simple, is actually the most important piece of the soundproofing system as it is equipped with soundproofing material, which is actually pretty heavy and does a good job at absorbing noise and vibrations. The left side panel is made from solid tempered glass.

A quick look at the back of the Silent Base 900 shows there are eight PCI expansion slots, the opening for the motherboard I/O panel, a 140mm fan slot and the opening for a standard ATX power supply. Underneath the case there are two plastic supports which ensure that the PSU can pull in enough fresh air to never run hot.


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