ASUS ROG Maximus X Apex Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 08.02.18
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ASUS has been using digital power designs for almost a decade now and with this particular board they're not making an exception. A closer look reveals there is a PWM controller that has been labelled ASP1405I, which is in charge of regulating ten phases. These phases are based on Infineon OptiMOS BSG0812ND, micro fine alloy inductors and 10K capacitors. Together they make for a high quality power design.

ASUS Fan Xpert 4

ASUS Fan Xpert 4 provides customizable settings for fans that have been attached directly to the onboard fan headers. It allows you to tune your fans automatically or manually, easily allowing you to either configure a silent or a high-airflow system.

AURA RGB Lightning

Aura is an ASUS software tool to control the onboard RGB lighting or RGB LED strips that have been connected to the onboard AURA headers. It allows you to select any color which is in the RGB spectrum and therefore enables users to individualize the looks of their motherboards.


SupremeFX is ASUS's interpretation of high quality onboard audio. Supporting up to eight channels, the SupremeFX solution received shielding from other onboard components. Apart from that there are high quality Nichicon capacitors, gold-plated connectors, an ESS9023P digital-to-analog converter as well as a RC4580 buffer.


One of the most unusual features on this board is the "third" DIMM slot. In combination with an adapter card (which is included in the bundle) it's possible to put two M.2 SSDs into the DIMM slot. In addiation you can install a small fan above the DIMM.2 card.


OC Toolkit

This motherboard is loaded with features to help extreme and novice overclockers take down records. On the PCB you will find several additional buttons like the standard power and reset buttons, the retry button in white and a safe boot button in red. In addition there are voltage read points and LN2 jumpers. Last but not least, there are three switches that allow for the slow mode, pause the system and fix the cold boot bug.


Customizable Nameplate

On the motherboard there is a customizable nameplate that could be useful for professional overclockers. Sometimes there are too many overclockers with the same motherboard and in this way you can put your name on it. In addition the customizable nameplate can be a great add for modders. On the official ASUS website you can download a small template and customize your nameplate in few steps.

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