OCZ Revo Drive X2 480 GByte

Published by Marc Büchel on 11.01.11
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If you take a look at the SSD market, searching for a really powerful product, then you'll definitely take the OCZ Revo Drive X2 into account. With a throughput of 740 MB/s read and 720 MB/s write this drive shows serious throughput rates and also the claimed 120'000 IOPS are massive.


Model OCZ Revo Drive X2 480 GBypte
Capacity 480 GByte
Technology PCI-Express x4, 4 x SandForce 1222 Controller, Internal RAID 0
Throughput up to 740 MB/s reading, up to 720 MB/s writing
Accesstime (read) < 0.1 ms
Life expectance 2'000'000 hours (MTBF)
Acoustics no noise
Warranty 3 Years

Technical details

Reading the specs of the Revo Drive X2 makes the heartbeat of any poweruser go faster. Totally OCZ combined four SandForce 1222 controller on one PCB in a RAID0 configuration. Using a PCI-Express x4 interface and therefore a Pericom PCI-X bridge chip enables OCZ to deliver serious datarates. On the card itself you also find a Silicon Image Sil3124 RAID controller which combines the four single SSDs to one big and fast drive. Furthermore also the installation process becomes quite easy. This is because the RAID controller got it's own BIOS which can be configured however you like it most. If you would wish that you can even alter the RAID0 configuration. What can also be adjusted is the junk size which is an important feature. This let's you optimize the drives performance for more IOPS or higher throughput rates. We decided to use a 128K junk size because of the simple reason that this is the most widely spread configuration in desktop computers. Therefore we expect to not reach the claimed 120'000 IOPS during 4K random reads or random writes.

Probably you noticed that in the specifications you can't find anything about TRIM support. Therefore the four SandForce 1222 controllers have to do garbage collection themselves. Fortunately these controllers are suitable for long term use without supporting the TRIM command. It takes quite a long time until a slight performance degradation takes place.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 7 - Random read KByte/s
Page 2 - Impressions Page 8 - Sequential write ops
Page 3 - How do we test? Page 9 - Sequential read ops
Page 4 - Sequential write KByte/s Page 10 - Random write ops
Page 5 - Sequential read KByte/s Page 11 - Random read ops
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